#025 - EAS, Expo Prebuild & SDK 50 with Kadi Kraman

In this conversation, Kadi Kraman and I discuss various topics related to Expo and React Native. We cover EAS (Expo Application Services) and its features, including building native apps quickly and handling certificate management. We also discuss the differences between Expo Go, development builds, and pre-builds. Finally, we touch on the customization options for the Dev Client and the flexibility of transitioning from Expo to plain React Native.

Kadi also highlights the new features in Expo SDK 50, including DevTools plugins and a focus on web development. Kadi explains the benefits of Expo Router 3 and API routes, as well as the challenges of deep linking. She also mentions the future of Expo and the addition of NativeWind. Finally, Kadi shares tips for building a 5-star app, including addressing common issues and asking for positive reviews.

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Kadi Kraman


- EAS (Expo Application Services) is a CI/CD service for React Native apps that simplifies the build process and handles certificate management.
- Expo Go is a sandbox environment for testing and prototyping, while development builds allow for customization and native code changes.
- Pre-builds in Expo generate the iOS and Android directories based on the app.json and package.json files, making it easier to upgrade React Native and Expo.
- The Dev Client in Expo allows for customization of the development environment, but it is not necessary for running pre-builds. Embracing change and pivoting when things aren't working is essential for growth and success.
- Expo SDK 50 introduces new features such as DevTools plugins and a focus on web development.
- Expo Router 3 and API routes provide server-side code capabilities in React Native apps.

#025 - EAS, Expo Prebuild & SDK 50 with Kadi Kraman
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