#028 - Expo Router & Universal React Native Apps with Evan Bacon

In this episode, Simon interviews Evan Bacon, the creator of Expo Router. They explore the features and benefits of Expo Router, including file-based routing, deep linking, and automatic TypeScript. Evan shares the roadmap for Expo Router version 4, which aims to unify the server-client connection and introduce server components. They also touch on the future of Expo Web and its separation from the core native platform.

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Evan Bacon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Baconbrix
Github: https://github.com/evanbacon
Blog: https://evanbacon.dev/
Blog Code: https://github.com/EvanBacon/evanbacon.dev


- Expo Router is a file-based router for native applications that enables universal code sharing and simplifies complex navigation routing.
- Expo Router provides features like deep linking, automatic TypeScript, and API routes, which allow for secure server-client communication.
- Expo Router version 4 aims to tie together the server-client connection and introduce server components, enabling more flexible and efficient app development.
- Expo Web will be separated from the core native platform, allowing developers to choose between Expo Router and React Navigation based on their specific needs.
- The future of Expo Router and Expo Web promises exciting advancements in universal app development and improved developer experience. 
- Expo V4 is expected to be released around May, with a focus on unblocking important features.
- Evan Bacon's blog, built with Expo, showcases the capabilities of Expo Router and other Expo features.
- Expo and Next.js have different scopes and priorities, but Expo aims to be a universal React framework.
- Expo's goal is to unlock new types of mobile experiences and provide a seamless transition between web and native.
#028 - Expo Router & Universal React Native Apps with Evan Bacon
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