#029 - State of React Native with Áron Berezkin

In this episode, Simon and Aaron Berezkin discuss the results of the State of React Native 2023 survey. They cover various topics such as state management, data fetching, navigation, or styling and share their own take on the outcome and trends of the different categories based on real-life observations.

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Áron Berezkin
  • React Native developers are generally happy with the state of the framework and its various features.
  • State management libraries like Redux and Zustand are widely used, but React Query is gaining popularity.
  • React Native Paper and React Native Elements are still popular UI component libraries, but custom solutions are becoming more common.
  • React Native Reanimated and the Animated API are the most popular choices for graphics and animations.
  • The most commonly used debugging tools are console logs, Flipper, and Chrome DevTools.
  • The new architecture and bridge-less mode are highly interesting to React Native developers.
  • Expo modules are making it easier to create and use native libraries in React Native projects.
  • React Native is moving in the right direction, with most developers agreeing.
  • Building React Native apps is considered complex but not overly so.
  • The React Native community is highly valued and supportive.
  • Pain points include debugging, un-maintained packages, dealing with native code, and upgrades.
  • Missing features include better debugging and Android shadows.
  • The React Native ecosystem is stable but not boring, with ongoing improvements and innovations.
#029 - State of React Native with Áron Berezkin
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