#036 - React Native Apps using Web3 & AI with Nader Dabit

In this episode, Simon interviews Nader Dabit, a developer and expert in AI and Web3. Nader shares his background and explains why he left his job at AWS to focus on Web3. He discusses the current state of Web3 and AI, highlighting the job market and opportunities in the blockchain space. Nader also explains the concept of EigenLayer and its role in providing security for new blockchain networks. He emphasizes the importance of practical use cases in Web3 and discusses the potential for decentralized social networks. In this conversation, Nader Dabit and Simon discuss the intersection of Web3 and React Native, as well as the practical applications of AI in mobile app development.

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Nader Dabit
  • Web3 and AI offer different opportunities and challenges, with Web3 currently having a more promising job market.
  • Stablecoins are a powerful use case in Web3, providing a stable currency for international transactions.
  • Decentralized social networks are emerging as a practical use case in Web3, offering public, immutable infrastructure and increased user control.
  • The complexity and terminology of Web3 can be overwhelming, but embracing the chaotic and fast-paced environment can lead to success.
  • Web3 offers exciting possibilities for building decentralized apps and social networks.
  • React Native provides a powerful framework for developing apps on Web3.
  • AI APIs make it easy to incorporate AI capabilities into mobile apps.
  • Differentiation and rapid iteration are key to success in the Web3 space.
#036 - React Native Apps using Web3 & AI with Nader Dabit
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