#037 - Bringing Swift to React Native with Gary Tokman

In this episode, Simon interviews Gary Tokman, CEO at Candle, about his experience with React Native and building a personal finance app. Gary shares his background in iOS development and how he transitioned to React Native. He discusses the technology stack used in Candle, and the three main problems of React Native apps. Gary also shares his latest packages Faster Image and Blur View, along with a new library for Push notifications.

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Gary Tokman
  • The React Native community faces challenges with maintaining packages, especially when it comes to finding the right package that works and is actively maintained.
  • React Native faces three main challenges: Concurrency, Presentation, and API Support
  • Gary works on several OS projects to bring Swift power to React Native apps
  • Front-end development in Candle involves client-side architecture, which presents challenges in balancing performance and processing large amounts of data on the device.
#037 - Bringing Swift to React Native with Gary Tokman
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