#040 - From Next.js to React Native with Kitze

In this conversation, Simon and Kitze discuss various topics including Kitze's experience as a React Native developer, his encounter with Gary Vee, and his popular product Sizzy. The conversation revolves around the challenges of building customizable UI components in React Native and the lack of comprehensive libraries. Simon and Kitze discuss their frustrations with existing libraries and the need for better primitives and components. The conversation then shifts to the Benji app and the process of building a native app from scratch. In this conversation, Kitze and Simon discuss various topics related to app development, including the challenges of building a native app with React Native based on an existing Next.js project, the use of Tailwind CSS, and the performance issues on Android.

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  • The choice of libraries in development can greatly impact productivity and the developer experience.
  • The React Native ecosystem offers a variety of tools and libraries that can enhance the development process.
  • The challenges of building and maintaining a successful product or project require dedication, focus, and continuous improvement.
  • The lack of comprehensive UI component libraries in React Native can be frustrating and lead to the need for custom solutions.
  • Having better primitives and components in React Native would make app development easier.
  • Being open about not having all the answers shouldn't discourage people from teaching.
  • Building a native app from scratch can be challenging, especially when transitioning from a web app.
  • Finding the right tech stack and considering the need for a native app early on can save time and effort.
  • Building a native app with React Native can be challenging, especially when trying to maintain consistency between the web and mobile versions.
  • Tailwind CSS offers a wide range of components and resources, making it a popular choice for app development.
  • Android performance can be a pain point in React Native development, requiring optimization and testing on Android devices.
  • Integrating Apple Health data and implementing in-app purchases can be complex tasks that require careful consideration and planning.
#040 - From Next.js to React Native with Kitze
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